What Are Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits?

An eCig (e cigarette) is a clever device that can be used wherever and whenever you need to pull a drag on a cigarette. Unlike traditional cigarettes, it emits a vapor and pulls a hit of nicotine without producing smoke. In fact, it works as a viable alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, and helps you avoid bans on smoking indoors, which is enforced in many states. eCig suppliers offer electronic cigarette starter kits from various manufacturers.


Millions of smokers have wanted to quit but found smoking alternatives ineffective, including nicotine candy, gum and patches. These methods have been proven unsuccessful at assisting smoke cessation. This is because these methods do not include the most necessary component of the smoking process – the physical sensation of drawing in vapor and taking a hit of nicotine on the back of the throat. Because electronic cigarettes produce this sensation, it continues to be a successful alternative to smoking.

An e-cigarette looks almost identical to traditional cigarettes, and work the same way. However, there is no burning tobacco, no actual tobacco smoke, and no flame. Instead, the e-cigarette operates on a battery in conjunction with an atomizer and liquid nicotine cartridge to form a “cartomizer.” This cartomizer generates vapor laced with nicotine to produce a very similar sensation of smoking.

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

There are numerous varieties of electronic cigarette starter kits available for sale. Some are highly functional, while others include a sense of style in their design. Nearly every starter kit is sold with a few nicotine cartridges, at least one battery, a USB charger and a travel charger. The kits typically come with one short battery and one long battery.

The short batteries last approximately one to two hours and can provide up to 200 drags or puffs of vapor. Long batteries last approximately 2 to 4 hours and can produce approximately 350 puffs of vapor. The batteries can be recharged using the travel charger or USB charger connected to a computer.

Nicotine Filled Cartridges

Manufacturers sell a huge assortment of ready filled nicotine cartridges that provide phenomenal taste at an affordable price. Generally, one cartridge can produce the smoking equivalent of a pack (twenty) cigarettes.

The Cartomizer

E-cigarettes that are manufactured with a cartomizer have revolutionized electronic “smoking.” This atomizer and liquid storage cartridge makes the “smoking” process simple. The nicotine liquid inside the storage cartridge drips inside the device, which is then heated up to produce vapor. The cartomizer produces a more consistent flavor than older models that are built with an atomizer. Cartomizers are manufactured in two different varieties including ceramic and traditional.

The best method for getting started on using e-cigarettes is to begin with an electronic cigarette starter kit. This is because it has all the components you will need to finally quit smoking and instead use an enjoyable alternative. In fact, it will produce an effective nicotine hit, to satisfy your urge, and fulfill the need to place a cigarette to your lips to draw a natural hit of nicotine.

Will The Electronic Cigarette Last?

ecigarette-eliquidThe electronic cigarette has grown from a novelty a few years back to a tsunami in that the public is purchasing these devices by the thousands as an alternative to the smoking of tobacco based cigarettes.

The device is battery powered and has a container within that holds a glycol liquid that is heated, which then atomizes the liquid into a vapor that can be inhaled just like cigarette smoke. The difference is that the vapor from the electronic cigarette is not harmful as is tobacco smoke.

Tobacco smoke contains very harmful chemicals such as cyanide and arsenic, as well as over 200 other chemicals that have been proven to cause cancer. Each year over 165,000 people perish from lung cancer, which has been scientifically proven to have come from tobacco smoking.

Before World War II, lung cancer was pretty much unheard of, and if a doctor even saw a lung cancer case in the lifetime of his medical practice, it was considered a very rare thing. If you look at old photos of people who were living as adults in the 40’s, and in the movies of that era, you see a cigarette dangling from everyone’s mouth.

Then in the 1950’s the instances of lung cancer rapidly increased as the smokers of the 40’s began to contract the disease. No wonder serious smokers, view the electronic cigarette a viable alternative to tobacco smoking.

The e cigarette has been successfully used by many to get off of tobacco. Electronic cigarettes allow for substances to be added to the e-liquid online element of the device, and one of these is nicotine at various levels. A smoker can switch to the e cigs, and start with the nicotine set at a higher level, and then taper is down to a lower level, or to nothing.

Even if a smoker left nicotine levels the same, the electronic cigarette is still safer than tobacco smoke. Switching to electronic cigarettes makes a lot of sense to smokers who want to continue the semblance of smoking and even get that nicotine ‘hit’, yet feel that there is much less risk with using the device.

The trend is growing with more brands hitting the market and even big tobacco getting into the act. Lolliard recently purchased Blu Ecigs, one of the forerunners of the electronic cigarette movement and RJ Reynolds came out with their “Vuse” e cigarette last June, claiming that it gives a more consistent flavor to the user. So the battle is on.

Experts in the field of tobacco company watching feel that the battle has only begun. Many of the large tobacco companies are still in the test market stage, but it only stands to reason that once they get into the market for real, their vast advertising connections and deep pockets may drastically change the marketplace.

Time will tell who wins market share, but in the meantime, there is no doubt that the product itself is a hit, and it is rapidly growing on its own backed by a very enthusiastic public.

Should You Switch To E Cigarettes?

Are you considering quitting smoking? If you tried countless times to quit but were not successful, perhaps e cigarettes could be the answer to your problem. Go over the following article to learn more about e cigarettes and how you can use these products to quit smoking.


A quality e cigarette gives you the impression you are really smoking. If you did not manage to quit in the past because not having a cigarette to puff on was too stressful, using an e cigarette instead could be a good solution. Some e cigarettes are quite heavy and do not really feel like an actual cigarette when you hold it between your fingers but other products are designed to feel like a real cigarette.

E cigarettes are much safer than cigarettes. While a cigarette contains hundreds of different chemicals, e cigarettes only release nicotine. Nicotine is not a safe chemical but the absence of the many other chemicals one can find in a regular cigarettes makes the e cigarette a better option if you are concerned about your health. Besides, you can replace the cartridges with nicotine-free ones if you want to completely eliminate your exposure to nicotine.

There are currently no strict guidelines regarding e cigarettes. This is why it is very important to do a lot of research about different brands to make sure you purchase a quality product. The main problem that has been reported with e cigarettes is the possibility of a leak. The cartridge contains a highly concentrated nicotine solution and low quality cartridges can leak. There could also be a leak between the cartridge and the e cigarette if they do not fit properly. Look for a quality product and stop using your e cigarette immediately if you notice a leak. Be careful not to let pets or children near your e cigarette since the nicotine solution can be very harmful to them.

Keep in mind that nicotine is an addictive substance. Even though regular cigarettes contain many other addictive substances, exposing your system to nicotine is not a healthy choice. However, e cigarettes can be used to gradually reduce your addiction to nicotine. You could for instance start by completely replacing your cigarettes with a e cigarette. Once you no longer crave your cigarettes, start using refills with a lower nicotine content. You can smoke cartridges that taste like tobacco or choose a different flavor. Some individuals prefer tobacco or menthol flavored cartridges because other flavors do not feel like a real cigarettes. If your goal is to quit smoking, using a different flavor could be a good way for you to get used to living without tobacco.

Take the time to learn more about different e cigarette manufacturers. If you are sure you want to replace your cigarettes and work on quitting smoking, buy a starter’s kit that contains everything you need. If you only want to try a e cigarette to see if you like it, it is best to purchase an inexpensive product.

What E Cigarette Reviews Say About This Product

wts_03It is very important to look at e cigarette reviews before you decide which product you want to buy. You should know that e-cigarettes are not regulated. This means manufacturers can create products without having to follow any guidelines or standards.

Each manufacturer sets their own standards for their e-cigarettes. Some brands offer high quality products but there have been problems with e-cigarettes that were poorly designed and leaked. A well-designed e-cigarette is a much safer choice.

You should also check reviews for the cartridges you buy. You might be tempted to purchase the cheaper cartridges available on the market but the taste is usually better if you spend a little more on the refills. Besides, a quality cartridge will feel like the real thing while a more affordable product might not give you the same sensations when you smoke.

Before you purchase an e-cigarette, take the time to read a few reviews online. Look for reviews published on different third party sites that do not have any interest in promoting the products reviewed. Do not trust reviews published on affiliate sites or on the official site of an e-cig manufacturer. You will eventually find a great product if you do some research.

Tips For Choosing The Best E Cigarette

In the last few years, E cigarettes also known as electronic cigarettes have taken the world by storm. However, many smokers are still reluctant to switch from smoking to using electronic cigarettes. The reluctance comes from the fear that the e cigarettes have not undergone thorough testing and are thus unsafe as well as lack of product knowledge.

The following are what you should consider when buying e cigarettes.

Practice Caution
Before most people switch over completely from smoking, they will first try some cheap e cigarettes. Since they are so popular, many companies take advantage of this and price their products incredibly low. Many of them use substandard materials in the materials and components to make a fast buck. If you are considering switching over, buy a recognized brand.

Where Is It From?
The choice and source of the e-liquid that the manufacturer uses is another important consideration. Trusted companies will furnish you with certificates that tell you where the compound was prepared as well as what it contains. Before you complete your purchase, ensure that you are satisfied with the data. Even though an electronic cigarette sale might sound like a nice deal, unless you are satisfied with the source of the e-liquid, you may find yourself not enjoying the experience. You may also get discouraged from trying other brands for good.

Realistic Prices
E cigarettes come in different varieties but all feature similar mechanisms. Therefore, it makes sense that pricing should also be within a reasonable range. Obviously, there will always be brands that are more expensive. However, these additional costs are often because of the additional accessories or custom design. Typically, a starter kit will set you back around $40-$80 and anything considerably lower than this should act as a red flag for you the buyer.

Easy Replenishment Options
When choosing the right e cigarette for you, this is one of the most critical factors. The brand that you settle on must have a wide selection of options for you to make your choice. Normally, this is in the form of refillable cartridges with the e-liquid sold separately. As with the e cigarettes, you also need to watch out for those options priced excessively low.

Moving to electronic cigarettes can turn out to be one of the best and most important decisions a smoker makes in his or her life. Even though the health benefits cannot be sold explicitly, every e-smoker will always tell of just how his or her life improved because of switching over.