Should You Switch To E Cigarettes?

Are you considering quitting smoking? If you tried countless times to quit but were not successful, perhaps e cigarettes could be the answer to your problem. Go over the following article to learn more about e cigarettes and how you can use these products to quit smoking.


A quality e cigarette gives you the impression you are really smoking. If you did not manage to quit in the past because not having a cigarette to puff on was too stressful, using an e cigarette instead could be a good solution. Some e cigarettes are quite heavy and do not really feel like an actual cigarette when you hold it between your fingers but other products are designed to feel like a real cigarette.

E cigarettes are much safer than cigarettes. While a cigarette contains hundreds of different chemicals, e cigarettes only release nicotine. Nicotine is not a safe chemical but the absence of the many other chemicals one can find in a regular cigarettes makes the e cigarette a better option if you are concerned about your health. Besides, you can replace the cartridges with nicotine-free ones if you want to completely eliminate your exposure to nicotine.

There are currently no strict guidelines regarding e cigarettes. This is why it is very important to do a lot of research about different brands to make sure you purchase a quality product. The main problem that has been reported with e cigarettes is the possibility of a leak. The cartridge contains a highly concentrated nicotine solution and low quality cartridges can leak. There could also be a leak between the cartridge and the e cigarette if they do not fit properly. Look for a quality product and stop using your e cigarette immediately if you notice a leak. Be careful not to let pets or children near your e cigarette since the nicotine solution can be very harmful to them.

Keep in mind that nicotine is an addictive substance. Even though regular cigarettes contain many other addictive substances, exposing your system to nicotine is not a healthy choice. However, e cigarettes can be used to gradually reduce your addiction to nicotine. You could for instance start by completely replacing your cigarettes with a e cigarette. Once you no longer crave your cigarettes, start using refills with a lower nicotine content. You can smoke cartridges that taste like tobacco or choose a different flavor. Some individuals prefer tobacco or menthol flavored cartridges because other flavors do not feel like a real cigarettes. If your goal is to quit smoking, using a different flavor could be a good way for you to get used to living without tobacco.

Take the time to learn more about different e cigarette manufacturers. If you are sure you want to replace your cigarettes and work on quitting smoking, buy a starter’s kit that contains everything you need. If you only want to try a e cigarette to see if you like it, it is best to purchase an inexpensive product.