Will The Electronic Cigarette Last?

ecigarette-eliquidThe electronic cigarette has grown from a novelty a few years back to a tsunami in that the public is purchasing these devices by the thousands as an alternative to the smoking of tobacco based cigarettes.

The device is battery powered and has a container within that holds a glycol liquid that is heated, which then atomizes the liquid into a vapor that can be inhaled just like cigarette smoke. The difference is that the vapor from the electronic cigarette is not harmful as is tobacco smoke.

Tobacco smoke contains very harmful chemicals such as cyanide and arsenic, as well as over 200 other chemicals that have been proven to cause cancer. Each year over 165,000 people perish from lung cancer, which has been scientifically proven to have come from tobacco smoking.

Before World War II, lung cancer was pretty much unheard of, and if a doctor even saw a lung cancer case in the lifetime of his medical practice, it was considered a very rare thing. If you look at old photos of people who were living as adults in the 40’s, and in the movies of that era, you see a cigarette dangling from everyone’s mouth.

Then in the 1950’s the instances of lung cancer rapidly increased as the smokers of the 40’s began to contract the disease. No wonder serious smokers, view the electronic cigarette a viable alternative to tobacco smoking.

The e cigarette has been successfully used by many to get off of tobacco. Electronic cigarettes allow for substances to be added to the e-liquid online element of the device, and one of these is nicotine at various levels. A smoker can switch to the e cigs, and start with the nicotine set at a higher level, and then taper is down to a lower level, or to nothing.

Even if a smoker left nicotine levels the same, the electronic cigarette is still safer than tobacco smoke. Switching to electronic cigarettes makes a lot of sense to smokers who want to continue the semblance of smoking and even get that nicotine ‘hit’, yet feel that there is much less risk with using the device.

The trend is growing with more brands hitting the market and even big tobacco getting into the act. Lolliard recently purchased Blu Ecigs, one of the forerunners of the electronic cigarette movement and RJ Reynolds came out with their “Vuse” e cigarette last June, claiming that it gives a more consistent flavor to the user. So the battle is on.

Experts in the field of tobacco company watching feel that the battle has only begun. Many of the large tobacco companies are still in the test market stage, but it only stands to reason that once they get into the market for real, their vast advertising connections and deep pockets may drastically change the marketplace.

Time will tell who wins market share, but in the meantime, there is no doubt that the product itself is a hit, and it is rapidly growing on its own backed by a very enthusiastic public.