Test and opinion e-liquid Café mocha by Halo

The e-liquid mocha coffee was not one of my priorities in terms of testing but, I thought that a little gourmet flavor like mocha coffee could be interesting to vaporize in the morning or after the meal and then the price was so interesting that I cracked.

Anyway, anyway. Let's go to the practical part!

When I opened the bottle, I could feel the coffee, but a light, slightly creamy coffee, with notes of roasted hazelnuts and a hint of chocolate. So we fill the clearo, the liquid is quite viscous like most of the e-liquids from Halo, which promises a fairly abundant steam. At the first whiff, it feels good coffee, but if you expect a coffee tight and well this is not the case, the aromas are very sweet and slightly sweet, even a little creamy. The little note of roasted hazelnut is always present and adds a little pep to the coffee aromas. After several puffs, one feels more and more the presence of chocolate, but it remains very light and subtle, as if one had sprinkled a thin film of chocolate over the whole. We had already tested e-liquids coffee or cappuccino, but there, the flavors are much more complex and better worked. The amount of steam released by this e-liquid remains faithful to the reputation of this brand of American e-liquid, it is abundant and pleasant, as for the HIT, it is rather discreet, we prefer when the hit is a little more peachy.

Conclusion and opinion on the e-liquid mocha coffee

Halo no longer has to prove itself in terms of flavour, the aromas are still quite complex and of high quality. Afterwards, we like or dislike it, the taste is always very subjective. The e-liquid mocha coffee is very interesting to vaporize, the blend is quite complex and can not please everyone. But for lovers of gourmet flavor, we think you should like it in the early morning after coffee or after a good meal, but in all day, it should quickly become nauseating.
Halo Tiki juice test

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