Halo Tiki juice test

A friend who is a fan of Halo and particularly of the tiki Juice, offered me a bottle of this precious e-liquid, so that I could try the experience. Indeed he knows that I am not a big fan of tobacco e-liquid and that I will not buy a tobacco e-liquid whatever the brand. Well, let's see when I open the bottle to see if the perfumes are there. There's no doubt that, like other halo e-liquids, this one gives off powerful, yet pleasant and intoxicating scents. I notice a strong smell of cinnamon, as well as other aromas that I can't identify yet, but the combination of aromas is a real treat.

Aromas and hit of Halo Tiki juice

I'm testing the Halo tiki Juice on a RSST atomizer that this same friend had also given me previously. The cinnamon flavor is present dice the first puff, with on the end a taste of menthol and spices with a hint of vanilla. I don't really feel the taste of blond tobacco as described on the product sheet of the e-liquid halo tiki juice, which does not displease me, on the contrary. The vapour is quite dense like most Halo e-liquids and this is something I really appreciate when I go, but the hit lacks a bit of power in 12mg/ml. I finally continued to vaporize the tiki juice all day and apparently the smell of the steam is tenacious because many people complain about the smell, its reminder of small memories of former smokers that, the smell can bother some people.

Halo Tiki juice test conclusion

In the end the Tiki Juice E-liquid is really pleasant to vaporize, I won't make it my all day, but the mixture of aromas is very subtle and pleasant in the mouth. If you don't appreciate the tobacco flavors, go ahead anyway, the tobacco flavors are really light.

Technical details of Halo Tiki juice

Manufacturer : Halo USA PG/GV ratios: not disclosed Nicotine dosage: 12 mg/ml nicotine Glass bottle 30 ml tinted blue Graduated pipette
Test and opinion e-liquid Café mocha by Halo

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