How to choose your first e-cigarette?

Quitting smoking is very difficult to do, especially for those who have smoked for several years. Today, electronic cigarettes represent an effective transition in the process of withdrawal. It allows you to gradually limit consumption until complete cessation. To choose your first electronic cigarette, discover some criteria to consider.

A standard electronic cigarette or box?

For the first time, this question is paramount. The standard cigarette and boxes are the main types of electronic cigarettes. The standard ones have more or less the same shape as regular cigarettes. This makes it easier for beginners to get used to them. This model does not require the push of a button and the tank is very easy to load. The boxes, on the other hand, are more complex. They have special features, such as an LED display for example. Their shape is their biggest feature. They are imposing and quite different from the classic cigarette. For a first e-cig, it is not advisable to choose a box. Opt instead for a standard model.

Battery life

Another very important criterion for choosing an e-cigarette is the battery life. This allows you to use your cigarette long enough, without having to recharge it. This capacity is expressed in "mah". It is indicated on the packaging of electronic cigarettes. There are models of electronic cigarette heavy smoker with several different autonomies thanks to the battery change. It is a very practical option on the same model of cigarettes to have a battery with low autonomy and another with greater autonomy.

The capacity of the tank

To optimize your e-liquid, the capacity of the clearomizer or tank is very important. Depending on its capacity, it will be able to feed your cigarette longer and reduce the frequency of recharging. The capacity of the tank is available on the product packaging to help you choose the model. You should also know that you can find several types of liquid (fragrances, colours, etc.) in a shop specialising in electronic cigarettes. The latter can advise you on the model of e-cigarette to choose. There are also additional features on electronic cigarettes such as temperature control or the AirFlow ring. Visit directly a store or a specialized site to choose directly the product that suits you.
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