Banoffee Pie de Vampire Vape e-liquid test

It is a brand that is slowly starting to make itself known in France. It is already present in a few large online shops, either in pre-prepared bottles or in concentrated flavours, for DIY lovers. I have the ready-made version, prepared in 60/40-PG/GV, supplied to me by Vapeclub.

Opinions e-liquid Banoffee Pie de Vampire vape

On opening the bottle, the smell of banana is well marked, a ripe and sweet banana smell. The banana aromas really come out, I even find that it tends to crush the caramel and speculos aromas present at the end of the note. To tell the truth, I didn't expect this kind of taste. I really love this liquid, the empty bottle has seen the light. But I was expecting a creamier e-liquid with a little touch of caramel and a more pronounced caramel. Finally it doesn't spoil anything, the banana is succulent and the e-liquid banoffee pie goes very well in allday. The hit is light, but it's quite typical of gourmet e-liquids. As for the steam, it is at the rendezvous, it is abundant and pleasant thanks to the ratio PG / GV in 60/40.

Conclusion e-liquid Banoffee Pie de Vampire Vape

If you like banana-scented e-liquids, go ahead with your eyes closed! It's a gourmet e-liquid very pleasant to drink! It can be used as an all-day drink without becoming disgusting.
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