Test e-liquid Mrs B’s Vanilla custard of ecigwizard

The first e-liquid tested is manufactured by ecigwizard, in the Mrs B's range. Ecigwizard is a brand rather little known in France. It is the equivalent of gaitrend, which manufactures the French e-liquids Alfaliquid.

Opinion e-liquid Mrs B's Vanilla custard

When you open the bottle, you can perceive a pleasant smell of custard with a small hint of caramel. It's a bit like the custard that accompanies the floating islands with that little dash of caramel. In vape the e-liquid gives a totally different rendering, the aromas are more like a vanilla cream slightly biscuity. Vanilla is really very present, a little too much, for his small taste buds, but it will suit perfectly to vanilla lovers, because it does not crush the little taste of creamy and biscuit. The steam is correct and pleasant. The hit is light and round, which is quite normal for a gourmet e-liquid. We would like to thank David from vapeclub.co.uk for introducing me to this e-liquid.

Conclusion of the test e-liquid Mrs B's vanilla custard of Ecigwizard

We will not put this liquid in my top 10 of the best e-liquids, vanilla is far too present, to its taste. But the liquid's called Mrs. b's vanilla custard, so you're on your own. However, vanilla lovers will surely be conquered, because vanilla is very present, the aromas are still very homogeneous and rather pleasant.
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