Test e-liquid Liqua

Having forgotten my favorite bottles of e-liquid, leaving a little too fast from home, we rushed to run to the first electronic cigarette store that came. Well the choice was not huge in terms of brands and we did not find his favorite allday, which is none other than the vdlv apple. So we let ourselves be tempted by some flavors present in the shop, testing on stardust, which we already lived well and we end up taking 2 e-liquids of the Liqua brand, 1 bottle of e-liquid cappuccino and 1 bottle of e-liquid wall, plus a few small resistances to test them immediately.

Test e-liquid Liqua Cappuccino in 12mg/ml

I liked the name cappuccino and the fact that you can spray something that you usually enjoy on the terrace of a cafe, was quite confusing, but still interesting and the greediness finally took over. The first puff was amazing and the following ones allowed me to fully appreciate the aromas! I love cappuccino, especially if it is well topped with whipped cream, but vaporizing it is not unpleasant either, the taste of cappuccino is present with an aftertaste of nougat, which is not unpleasant. The e-liquid cappuccino from Liqua is however quite sweet and can displease some vaporizer.

Test e-liquid Liqua Mûre 12mg/ml

Since my beginnings in the vaporizer the fruity e-liquids are my favorite. We find them generally pleasant to spray all day without risk of disgust. The blackberry is a fruit that I like very much, especially when it has just been picked. We know that we would not find the same taste, especially since we had already tested the Alfaliquid's one in its early days in the vapote and had not been convinced. When you open the bottle, it's hard to get an idea of the flavors, the smell is so faint, it doesn't matter, you just go ahead and fill your clearo. At the first taf, you're quite surprised, you discover a real taste of ripeness, subtle and pleasant. The flavours are light and not very sweet. As for the steam, this one is more than suitable. The e-liquid will finally serve me all day without being disgusting.
Fresh e-liquid: feel the freshness from the first aspiration!
Test e-liquid VDLV (apple,mint,peach)

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