Test e-liquid VDLV (apple,mint,peach)

I wanted to do a small test review on some VDLV e-liquids and their famous natural flavours. Well, I don't know if I'll be very objective since they are my favourites. Sometimes I find the flavours a bit too light, but their subtleties are not lacking. I'll start with the apple vdlv e-liquid, which has been my allday for some time now.

VDLV apple e-liquid test

The apple flavor is one of the first flavors I started to spray on, but it was with the Alfaliquid brand. I ended up testing the VDLV apple e-liquid in a small shop in Paris and since then it hasn't left me. The VDLV apple flavor is really, very pleasant in the mouth and the steam is dense, especially in 70/30. The e-liquid is slightly sweet, just the right amount, neither too much nor too little and reminds me of the taste of natural apples.

Test e-liquid VDVL Menthe Fraiche

The e-liquid vdlv fresh mint is also a nice little success for Vincent in the fog, the freshness is there, but not the kind of freshness that can be found in the flavors of icy mint type, but rather, the fresh mint flavor that we just picked in the depths of his garden. Every whiff is a real pleasure. As for the hit is quite marked and the steam more than correct.

VDVL Peach e-liquid test

This e-liquid made me eye at each passage in my favorite man shop, so I ended up taking a bottle of it and I am not disappointed, the vdlv peach flavor is faithful to the fruit. You really feel the taste of peach, and the vapor is dense. However I tested it with two types of clearomizer and I prefer it by far with a bcc type clearomizer like the evod with a rather warm/cold steam. The hot vapors are not recommended for fruity e-liquids.

Conclusion of the VDLV e-liquid test

You can set your sights on these e-liquids from vdlv. In the fruity flavour ranges Vincent is really a virtuoso, the flavour of the liquids sometimes lacks a bit of pep, but the natural aromas are there. However, I advise you to use bcc type clearomizers, with warm/cold steam, to best appreciate the aromas.
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